Anyang eternal sea providing popular ferro silicon manganese

Anyang eternal sea providing popular ferro silicon manganese

Silicon manganese Alloy (Nodularizer) is remelting alloy composed of rare earth, manganese, silicon and calcium. it is also called manganese alloy nodularizer. It has a big mechanical strength, the effect of deoxidization and desulfurization is strong.This products are produced by china supplier.

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Anyang eternal sea providing popular  ferro silicon manganese


We can providing casting aditives silicon manganese alloy silicon Manganese lump price of mn si.

anganese-silicon alloy is a kind of alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and small amount of carbon and other elements. It’s a widely-used and productive ferroalloy. It’s consumption is ranked the second in electric furnace ferroalloy products. The manganese and silicon in it has strong affinity for oxygen, using manganese-silicon alloy in steelmaking would produce the deoxy products MnSiO3 and Mn2SiO4 (the melting point are 1270℃ and 1327℃ respectively)which have the advantages of low melting point, large particle , easy to float and good deoxidation effect, etc. Under the same conditions, using manganese or silicon to deoxidize alone, the damage rates are 46% and 37% ,while the damage rate is 29% when using manganese-silicon alloy. 



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Anyang Eternal Sea Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd is located in the north of Anyang, in Henan province .Our company is a collection of scientific research, production, import and export trade in an integrated enterprise.The company is engaged in ferroalloy products,  metallurgical furnace burden, foundry, chemical and other industrial raw materials of international trade.

we registered capital of  2 million yuan.Established in 1998,and after restructuring,established Anyang Eternal Sea Metallurgical Materials Co., ltd in 2012 ,also obtained the right of import and export business. we actively explore domestic and foreign markets, the current products have been exported to Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam and other countries and regions. we strictly control quality , ensure product qualification rate, high quality, won the praise of our customers. we set up office in Korea, the company is preparing to set up branch offices in India, The export amount is not less than 10 million dollars. we have established a stable and extensive purchasing and marketing network throughout the world in steel mills, foundry mills, aluminum alloy mills, chemical mills, metal smelting mills etc.

We sincerely hope to be your partner, hope to be able to use our rich experience in trade, strict management and professional and operational procedures, establish a broad and stable trade relations and cooperation with you to jointly develop a broader international market!

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Packaging & Shipping

1.Packaging: 20/25/50kg bags /1 mt jumbo bag(standard export package) or as per your demand.

2.Delivery time: After issuing of L/C within 15-30days or within 15-30 days after advanced payment.


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Our hot sale product is  ferro silicon briquette, This product is mainly made of ferro silicon powder and pressed to the briquette type.a special product that can replace of ferrosilicon in steel making. Can reduce production costs and promote the recycling of resources.65 high silicon,20 high iron. and it can replace ferro silicon, if you are interested in this product,pls click ferro silicon briquette,welcome to your inquiry.

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1,Q:Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are experienced manufacturer.

2,Q:Can you supply free samples?

A:Yes,we can supply free samples.

3,Q:When can you delivery the goods?

A:Usually,we can delivery the goods within 15-20days after we received the advanced payment or original L/C. 

4,Q:Can you supply test report issued by SGS or other third-party inspection organization?

A:Yes,we can ,if customers request third-party test report.


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