The Ferrosilicon Index Fell On August 20, And The Price Went Down

- Aug 21, 2019-

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2019-8-20: August 20th CFO Ferrosilicon Product Index:

The ferrosilicon composite index was 122.91, which was -0.57% from the previous day, compared with 2.33% last week, compared with 8.73% last month and -12.22% year-on-year;

The spot index of ferrosilicon is 5,650.00, which is -0.44% from the previous day, compared with 2.16% last week, -8.50% from the previous month and -12.06% from the previous year;

Today's ferrosilicon composite index and spot index fell compared with yesterday. Ferrosilicon from 72#6000-6200,75#6300-6400 yuan/ton in late July, down to the current 72#5500-5700, 75#5700-5900 yuan/ton, monthly decline of 500-600 yuan/ton, Dachang From 72#6600 yuan / ton fell to 6100 yuan / ton acceptance of the standard block, a decline of 500 yuan / ton, a wave of price increases in mid-July has fallen back to the original position. Today Wuhai Dachang 72#5800-5850 standard block, 75#5800 loose block factory, the market is still running weak.

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