Quality Graduation Steel Mills Cannot Be Satisfied With Passing

- Aug 23, 2019-

"Passing" is not equal to "good". This sentence is also applicable to the construction of China's steel product brand. The reason why the product quality is graded is that there are more products that not only meet the eligibility criteria but also pursue high quality. Recently, Yin Ruijun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, spoke at the CISA Group Standards Public Meeting of the "Steel Product Quality Capability Grading Specification" organized by the China Iron and Steel Association, which sparked heated discussions in the industry.

 In my opinion, if we want to polish the global signboard of China's steel industry, as a steel company, we should not only be satisfied with the "quality" of product quality, but must have a higher pursuit to evolve the product from the quality of the "qualified students" to "Excellent students." Undoubtedly, the road to high-quality development of iron and steel enterprises must be deeper and wider, and we must do a good job of "quality upgrades." Only by constantly competing with high-quality and strong enterprises can the company itself continue to grow and develop.

 To achieve this goal, on the one hand, it is necessary for the state to establish an evaluation system for the quality of steel products from the top-level design, to classify the quality of steel products, and to promote the continuous improvement of product quality in the form of “graduation” by steel companies; We must establish a sense of quality competition, and we must not hold the "60-million-year-old" idea in production, but we must constantly improve the quality competitiveness of our products and use the excellent product quality to meet the test of the industry.

In short, on the road of quality “taking the exam”, steel companies will never have an end.

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