Early Review Of Ferrosilicon On October 11, 2019

- Oct 11, 2019-

Today, the mainstream price of ferrosilicon alloy market is concentrated at 72#5500-5600 yuan/ton, 75#5800-5900 yuan/ton accepted natural block factory, the main production area enterprises still maintain normal production, but the transaction is relatively light.

 On the whole, the ferrosilicon market has remained high since September, and the mood of resumption of post-holiday is gradually rising in the downstream areas. In the context of high profits, the rate of resumption of production may accelerate, but it still needs to pay attention to policy orientation. Happening. At the same time, the demand side will increase after the resumption of production, affecting supply and demand, while the steel price has been adjusted after the holiday, the overall increase. The price of ferrosilicon has stopped falling and stabilized. Under the support of the lower cost, the downside is small. The increase in demand will also have a certain positive effect on prices. However, from the current market trading sentiment, the ferrosilicon market is still in a consolidation period, and the price change will not be very high. Big, the market outlook still needs to wait.

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