Research Shows That China's Thermal Power Pollutant Emissions Have Dropped Significantly

- Oct 09, 2019-

Chinese and British scholars published a report in the British journal Nature Energy on the 7th that China’s ultra-low emission reform measures for coal-fired thermal power units have achieved remarkable results. As of the end of 2017, emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide from all types of thermal power units have dropped significantly.

Scholars from the University College London, Cambridge University and the Environmental Engineering Assessment Center of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly measured the implementation of the ultra-low emission reform of coal-fired thermal power units in China. The effect of emission reduction.

According to the team, they analyzed the high-frequency data of the flue gas online monitoring system by means of big data technology, built a new emission inventory model, and established a high-efficiency emission database for China's power plant (hourly)-air (emission source). .

The results show that despite the continuous increase in power generation in China, the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot from all types of thermal power units in 2017 decreased significantly compared to 2014, with a decrease of 65%, 60% and 72% respectively, ie from 2.21 million. The tons, 3.11 million tons and 520,000 tons were reduced to 770,000 tons, 1.26 million tons and 140,000 tons respectively. The team said that this mainly benefits from the implementation of strict emission monitoring systems and effective economic incentives, the implementation of the promotion and upgrading of core ultra-low emission technologies.

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