China's Steel Production Accounts For Half Of The World's Seven Steel Companies Enter The World's Top 500

- Sep 09, 2019-

The China Iron and Steel Association announced on the 7th that 70 years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's steel industry has undergone tremendous changes. The proportion of steel production in the world has grown from one-thousandth of the world's steel production at the time of the founding of New China. 50% of world steel production.

According to the latest statistics of China Iron and Steel Association, in 1949, China's steel output was only 158,000 tons, which was less than one thousandth of the world's steel output. By the end of 2018, China's steel output exceeded 900 million tons, accounting for 50% of world steel production. . The steel self-sufficiency rate has grown from the iron-deficient steel in the early days of the founding of New China to the current self-sufficiency of most steel products.

Gao Xiangming, president of China Iron and Steel Association: For example, the steel for nuclear power is completely localized. The long-distance large-diameter pipelines in the petrochemical industry were imported at the beginning, and all of them were domestically produced. For example, the thinnest "Tear-Tear Steel" of Taigang can be 20 microns. That is 0.02 mm, it should be said that the steel industry provides huge raw material support for the national economy and the defense industry.

Gao Xiangming said that a number of high-end steel products, such as aircraft deck steel and third-generation auto steel, have broken foreign monopoly and occupied the commanding heights of high-end steel. According to the China Steel Association, at present, seven steel companies in China have entered the world's top 500.

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