Zhongtian Iron And Steel Will Build The First 5G Smart Park In Changzhou

- Aug 12, 2019-

At the beginning of August, the reporter of China Metallurgical News learned from Zhongtian Iron and Steel that the company plans to use the “5G+ Internet of Things” technology to build a plant-integrated access control system project to build a smart park. The project is expected to be completed by July 1 next year. It is expected to become the first 5G smart park project in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.

 Zhongtian Iron and Steel Headquarters is located in the eastern part of Changzhou. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the factory. There are 17 entrances and exits (9 freight export) and 10 docks. The annual entrance and exit is more than 5 million trips and more than 4 million passengers. The transportation materials exceed 25 million. Ton. Due to the large amount of vehicles, people, and materials, the management level has increased. The original management model has affected the development efficiency and plant safety of the company to some extent.

 The smart park will be built, through integrated ID card, IC card (integrated circuit card), face recognition machine, high-definition programmable network monitoring, intelligent license plate recognition and high-speed gates, real-time LED large-screen display and other hardware upgrades, applications Integration, business docking, data integration of existing ERP (enterprise resource planning), remote metering, access control, card, etc., centralized management of personnel, vehicles, ships, realization of entry and exit management without dead ends, and intelligent analysis of logistics through big data Data, make planning guidelines for invoicing logistics, and speed up logistics operations. At the same time, the project can also intelligently match and update the internal human resources system data. 5G applications will be the highlight of the project.

 According to Huang Bin, deputy manager of the project, the whole project will be divided into two phases: the first phase will complete the integration of five main business gates and docks at the end of this year; the second phase will be completed in June 2020. Business optimization work, and the system will be extended to other gates and terminals, and the entire plant coverage will be achieved by July 1, 2020.

 In recent years, Zhongtian Iron and Steel has exerted its strength in informatization construction to build digital Zhongtian and wisdom Zhongtian. Chairman and CEO of Zhongtian Group, Dong Caiping went to POSCO ICT Company of South Korea to carry out technology for informationization and intelligentization of steel enterprises. Communication, a series of information projects have been launched or started. In May this year, the country's first intelligent identification information system for hazardous chemicals was born in Zhongtian Iron and Steel. "We will use the "Internet + Steel" thinking to enable the Internet to empower traditional enterprises and speed up the second venture of Zhongtian Iron and Steel." Wei Wei, assistant to the president of Zhongtian Group, said.

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