2019 Ferrosilicon Ups And Downs In The First Half Of The Year

- Jul 03, 2019-

January: The market price fell, Qinghai avoiding peak production, downstream stocking at the end of the year, market transactions improved

February: During the Spring Festival holiday period, market transactions are scarce, factory inventory is accumulated, and prices are dilemma

March: Qinghai silica rectification, Shaanxi Lancoon rose, futures dipped sharply, the market rose first and then fell

April: The company limited production quotation, the price of the big factory was raised, the market was stable as Taishan, and the transaction changed little.

May: The big factory cuts the price and reduces the price, the overall market price declines, the price falls below the cost, and the enterprise struggles to maintain

June: The futures rose, the market sentiment improved, the price of the big factory increased, and the overall market price rose.

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